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FAQs for Microsoft Windows

Q.) How do I sort my favorites in Internet Explorer 6 under Windows 98?

A.) When inside of IE6, click on the Favorites menu, right-click on any bookmark and select "Sort by Name". This will also work for other versions of Windows that support IE6. If you work with later versions of Mozilla Firefox, the same action will work in the Bookmarks menu.


Q.) Help! I deleted my desktop shortcut icon in the WinXP quicklaunch area. How do I get it back and functioning?

A.) First you need to navigate to your Quick Launch directory: C:\Documents and Settings\<AccountName>\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch. Next, you need to create a new file in this directory called "Show Desktop.scf". Edit the file with Windows Notepad. Place the following content in the file and save it:


The icon will instantly appear in the quick launch tray, ready for use.