trueSpace 5.1 Tutorial

AI Extrusion

Subject: This tutorial covers importing and extruding pre-existing *.ai (Adobe Illustrator) files in order to create simple "boxed" 3D shapes (should work with tS 5.x).

Prerequisites: Adobe Illustrator file (*.ai) (version 8 works the best) and knowledge of physical file location.


  1. Start trueSpace 5.1 and begin with a new scene by clicking File -> New -> Scene or clicking on the "Create New Scene" icon.
  2. Open the "Load Object" dialog box by clicking File -> Load -> Object... Under the "Files of Type" drop-down, select "Adobe Illustrator *.ai". Browse to the folder where you stored your *.ai file, select it, and then hit the "Open" button. You should now have something very similar to what your 2D *.ai file looks like.

    If you recieve a "PostScript Warning" dialog box: "trueSpace could not locate the Adobe Type Manager. trueSpace will not be able to process Adobe Type 1 fonts not contained within documents. Results may be unpredictable in documents which reference these fonts.", you can just click OK. If you have problems with your object not looking right (and you are using fonts), you may try installing the Adobe Type Manager.
  3. Make sure the object is still selected and then hit the "Sweep" icon. It should start to resemble a 3D skeleton of your 2D AI file. Next, click on the "Object Tool". This will stop the Sweep function. If you happen to have problems with "No face(s) selected" errors, left-click on the "Object Tool" and try step 3 again.
  4. Most of the time, you will not be satisfied with the default height. So, you will need to right-click on the "Object Tool" icon to open the object's properties. Given the orientation, you will need to change the z-axis Size. While you still have the object selected, type in your new value to make it bigger or smaller and then hit the <Enter> key to complete the command.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the orientation and size and other properties you may save your scene or your object, depending on your wishes.