trueSpace 6 Tutorial

AI Extrusion

Subject: This tutorial covers importing and extruding pre-existing *.ai (Adobe Illustrator) files in order to create simple "boxed" 3D shapes.

Prerequisites: Adobe Illustrator file (*.ai) (version 8 works the best) and knowledge of physical file location.


  1. Start trueSpace 6.0 and begin with a new scene by clicking File -> New -> Scene or clicking on the "Create New Scene" icon.
  2. Open the "Load Object" dialog box by clicking File -> Load -> Object... Under the "Files of Type" drop-down, select "Adobe Illustrator *.ai". Browse to the folder where you stored your *.ai file, select it, and then hit the "Open" button. You should now have something very similar to what your 2D *.ai file looks like.
  3. Make sure the object is still selected and then hit the "Sweep" icon. It should start to resemble a 3D skeleton of your 2D AI file. Next, click on the "Object Tool". This will stop the Sweep function. If you happen to have problems with "No face(s) selected" errors, left-click on the "Object Tool" and try step 3 again.
  4. Most of the time you will not be satisfied with the default height. So, you will need to right-click on the "Object Tool" icon to open the object's properties. Given the orientation, you will need to change the z-axis Size. While you still have the object selected, type in your new value to make it bigger or smaller and then hit the <Enter> key to complete the command.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the orientation and size and other properties you may save your scene or your object, depending on your wishes.