trueSpace FAQ

Q: I have just installed trueSpace 7.61, but I see no way to install plugins. Where is the Package Manger?

A: There are two ways to access the Package Manger in the free versions of trueSpace.

  1. Via the Model interface. By default, the package manager icon can be found on the toolbar on the bottom lip inside of the modeling window. It will look like an electrical outlet with a blue plug. Click on it once to find your .tsx or .dll plugin. Open your plugin.
  2. Via the Workspace interface. By default, the package manger icon can be found at the bottom of the screen below the right-hand side panels. A group of five icons appear. Search for the package manager icon under the 2nd icon. The icon will look visually similar to the icon in the model interface (see above). Once found, you can click it and a list of plugins will show up. Right-click in this list, select "Install New...", and open your .rsx plugin.


Q: Why do I get an "ERROR EVENT..." dialog box when I launch an object (.cob) or a scene (.scn) file from a data folder?

A: This error most likely occurs in versions of 7 before 7.6. The text will state something similar to "Load Object: Invalid version: 22048". The issue has been fixed in the latest version of trueSpace (7.61). tS 7.61 is now freeware and available to the public.